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Aircraft & Airline Lockouts

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Under the laws of OSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), it is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that all employees have the tools and training they need to de-energise an aircraft's on board systems during essential maintenance.

By using our aircraft lockout range, employees can protect themselves from harm by completely isolating and locking out access to circuit breakers and power receptacles, ensuring they aren't used when maintenance procedures are taking place.

The lockouts are easy to install; just attach onto the breaker/receptacle, secure with one or more padlocks and attach a tag to show that lockout is currently enforced. This way those who may try to use the locked out energy source are instantly alerted to maintenance taking place and those at risk are also protected from accidental reactivations such as accidentally bumping a pulled breaker or someone attempting to insert a power source into a receptacle.