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Keep Your Lockout Items Safe, Secure And Organised

  1. This rack can be wall mounted and is used to hold up to six padlocks.

  2. This pouch can be attached to the wall and is a simple method to hold up to 20 tags.

  3. Compact Lockout Tagout Station 8 x 10

    Compact Lockout Tagout Station 8 x 10

    SKU: LT-810-Y-OPT £8.99 Incl. Tax: £10.79

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    Compact lockout station built for housing locks, hasps, tags and other forms of LOTO equipment.

  4. This tag station is available in two sizes and is wall-mountable.

    Station Dimensions

    Model Width Length Depth
    S1601 146mm 247mm 38mm
    S1700 196mm 247mm 85mm
  5. Compact Lockout Tagout Station 6 x 10

    Compact Lockout Tagout Station 6 x 10

    SKU: LT-610-Y-OPT £9.95 Incl. Tax: £11.94

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    This small station is capable of holding a number of useful products suitable for locking out equipment. 

  6. Wall-attachable station suitable for storing LOTO padlocks.

  7. Padlock station available in two different sizes. Wall-mountable.

    • Storage of up to 18 locks
    • Wall-mountable
    • Three sections
  8. Hasp Hanger

    Hasp Hanger

    SKU: LT-HASP-HANGER-OPT £22.50 Incl. Tax: £27.00

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    This hasp hanger means you've always got a place to find your hasps whenever you need them for lockout/tagout purposes.

  9. 5 Lock Lockout Tagout Station

    5 Lock Lockout Tagout Station

    SKU: LT-5L-2P-Y-OPT £23.99 Incl. Tax: £28.79

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    This small board is able to be mounted on walls and provides a useful holding area for lockout/tagout equipment.
  10. Attach this station to your wall and use the pockets to house your different tags.

  11. Compact lockout station with four hanging points, tag storage and includes padlock/hasp and tags.

  12. This small-size board includes space for four padlocks, 10 tags and 2 hasps. Available with or without equipment.

    • Red/white colouring
    • Wall-mountable
    • Available with accessory pack
  13. 10 Lock Lockout Tagout Station

    10 Lock Lockout Station w/ Optional Accessory Kit

    SKU: LT-10L-1P-Y-OPT £44.99 Incl. Tax: £53.99

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    Useful lockout station built for holding your lockout equipment in one area.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

This selection of lockout/tagout stations are used to keep all of your LOTO equipment kept securely in one place. Most of the items listed below are wall mountable, and allow you to secure the board in a fixed position such as near to a regularly locked out energy source so that LOTO equipment is always at hand.

The stations come in various different sizes and shapes and can be used to hold everything from hasps to padlocks.