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Masterlock Products We now stock a huge range of Masterlock products, from electrical and security padlocks to airline and valve lockout devices.
Heavy Duty Lockout Box Designed for tough environments such as offshore rigs - Available separately or customised to fit several boxes on a frame.

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Lockout Lock - Experts in Lockout Tagout Safety Equipment

Lockout/Tagout procedures are an essential part of maintenance. Not only do they ensure machinery and energy sources are locked down and can't be operated, but adherence to correct lockout/tagout procedures ensures the safety - and lives - of those working with various different types of equipment are protected.

By using a lockout/tagout procedure, you ensure that any machinery that is to be used is properly shut off, and will not be operated until it is safe to do so. Unfortunately there are countless accidents reported every single year when lockout procedures aren't used, so it really is extremely important to ensure that machinery currently undergoing maintenance is clearly locked-off and will not be operated at any point.

An example of an effective lockout procedure is to fully isolate an energy source by:

  • •  Identifying the energy source
  • •  Isolating the energy source
  • •  Locking and tagging the energy source
  • •  Proving that the equipment isolation is effective

This procedure is carried out ahead of maintenance work, and is usually completed by engineers (often more than one) clipping their own unique padlocks to a clearly secured lockout. These locks should not be removed until the work is completed, and each engineer has signed off that work is completed.

At Lockout Lock, we specialize in the distribution of Lockout/Tagout equipment all designed to help you enhance safety procedures in the workplace. Our extensive range of equipment is made to the very highest standards, ensuring your lockout programme is enforced and equipment used is sturdy enough to remain fixed in place during essential maintenance.

We stock a huge range of equipment for use in all lockout situations from the world's best manufacturers. We have hundreds of items available in the following categories:

  • • Lockout Kits - these highly useful bundle packages include everything you'll need to get started with lockout/tagout
  • • Padlocks - huge range of locks available in different sizes, types, shapes and for applications ranging from lockout to high security protection
  • • Padlock and Key Cabinets - keep track of your equipment in these small, medium and large-sized stations
  • • Lockout Hasps - attach these directly to your lockout system to allow multiple padlocks to be attached simultaneously. Available in a wide variety of different styles
  • • Circuit Breaker - from miniature to large, these devices prevent a circuit breaker from being operated during maintenance
  • • Electrical Plug / Pendant - prevents access to plugs and controllers from small-size common plugs to hanging pendant operating panels
  • • Electrical Panel / Switch - completely enclose buttons and switches to ensure they can't be used
  • • Valve - suitable for use with gate, ball, butterfly and other valves
  • • Cable System - feed these cables around valves, circuit breakers and other equipment before attaching padlocks to create a secure lockout
  • • Gas Cylinder - place these on the top of gas canisters to stop them from being opened
  • • Pneumatic / Airline - prevents pneumatic fittings from being attached to a source 
  • • Lockout Boxes - securely store your equipment and lock it up with multiple padlocks
  • • Lockout / Tagout Stations - available in a wide variety of sizes and styles for storage of all lockout equipment
  • • Tags - suitable for use with everything from lockout to showing the status of scaffolding
  • • Warning Signs - make sure personnel know of dangers with these items
  • • Vehicle Lockouts - attach to a steering wheel to prevent operation (ideal for forklifts)
  • • Pouches & Bags - handy carrying cases for all your equipment
  • • Boards & Barricades - provide a clear visual deterrent that an area shouldn't be enterd
  • • Posters, Books & Holders - ideal for training and visual reminders