Lockout Application

  1. An Introduction to Lockout/Tagout

    Many industrial accidents caused across the globe are due to the sudden start-up of machines, equipment or by the uncontrolled release of energy. Many of these accidents can be prevented by the use of proper Lockout/Tagout procedures. Continue reading →
  2. Hazardous Energy and Lockout/Tagout

    The main reason we perform lockout/tagout procedures is simple – we’re preventing potentially hazardous energy sources from injuring those working in an environment. Continue reading →
  3. Lockout: Stored Energy

    Although we generally tend to think of energy being constantly supplied via outlets and in turn think that energy can be switched off using a switch or similar device, there are many instances when stored energy is also used to power a piece of machinery, particularly in the event of the regular continuous power source ceasing operation. Continue reading →
  4. The Right and Wrong Ways to Perform Maintenance

    If there’s one simple thing an organisation can do to prevent horrible accidents happening,  it’s using lockout. Continue reading →
  5. When Should Lockout/Tagout Be Used?

    The idea behind lockout/tagout is, at its core, to maintain safety within a working environment. LOTO procedures are used purely to enhance the safety of those performing routine essential maintenance, and a correctly enforced programme could be the different between saving lives and ending them. Continue reading →
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