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Isolation Solutions

Looking for a lockout device for a certain application? We can help.

We supply a wide range of lockout equipment on the website, but we also source bespoke items for your needs.


We can customise almost any product on the website and in the catalogue, including:

Custom Name/Logo Custom Name / Logo
We are able to add a custom logo or company name to these products.
Custom Colour Custom Colour
Multiple colour variations of this product are available.
Custom Size/Design Custom Size / Design
This product can be made to specification, i.e. size / number of locks / shelves / hooks.
Custom Numbering Custom Numbering
If you require numbering on this item then please contact us.

How Can We Help?

Call us on 01642 931332 and speak to one of our trained members of staff.

The will listen to your needs and help find you the best solution.