1. Why Do We Need Lockout/Tagout?

    According to OSHA (The Occupational Health and Safety Administration) approximately 3 million workers in the US service equipment and face the greatest risk of injury if Lockout/Tagout is not properly implemented. Lockout/Tagout prevents an estimated 120 facilities and 60,000 injuries each year in US alone. Continue reading →
  2. Lockout Periodic Inspections

    It is a legal requirement placed upon the employer to ensure that regular inspections are in place that comprehensively cover an energy control program and ensure it is effective and being correctly enforced. Continue reading →
  3. When Should Lockout/Tagout Be Used?

    The idea behind lockout/tagout is, at its core, to maintain safety within a working environment. LOTO procedures are used purely to enhance the safety of those performing routine essential maintenance, and a correctly enforced programme could be the different between saving lives and ending them. Continue reading →
  4. UK Lockout Regulations

    Although there are no specific UK regulations purely centered around the process of lockout, it is referenced during the regulations of the Requirements for Electrical Installations, and focuses on the isolation of energy sources and the enforcement of isolative procedures. Continue reading →

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