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  1. An Introduction to Lockout/Tagout

    Many industrial accidents caused across the globe are due to the sudden start-up of machines, equipment or by the uncontrolled release of energy. Many of these accidents can be prevented by the use of proper Lockout/Tagout procedures. Continue reading →
  2. Hazardous Energy and Lockout/Tagout

    The main reason we perform lockout/tagout procedures is simple – we’re preventing potentially hazardous energy sources from injuring those working in an environment. Continue reading →
  3. Lockout/Tagout Definitions

    When considering the rules and regulations of OSHA when applied to LOTO it is also extremely important to gain an understanding of definitions associated with the process to gain a greater understanding of the process and what is required. Continue reading →
  4. The Scope, Application and Purpose of Lockout/Tagout

    In the United States, there are a significant amount of rules and regulations enforced by the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) which must be followed in order to avoid severe penalties, fees and possible criminal investigation. Continue reading →
  5. Lockout: Stored Energy

    Although we generally tend to think of energy being constantly supplied via outlets and in turn think that energy can be switched off using a switch or similar device, there are many instances when stored energy is also used to power a piece of machinery, particularly in the event of the regular continuous power source ceasing operation. Continue reading →
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