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Sturdy Cable Lockout Solutions

Cable lockouts are used to isolate multiple energy sources at the same time.          

For example, if you had multiple energy sources around the same area, such as valves, you could wrap the cable of these lockout devices around the energy sources in question, secure them tightly with the built-in lock then attach one or more padlocks to the cable lockout device to hold it securely in place.

This ensures that lockout is effectively enabled across multiple energy sources, and stops individuals from initiating anything that needs to be switched off while maintenance teams carry out work.

It is recommended that, in order to adhere to Lockout/Tagout procedures, more than one padlock is attached. Ideally there should be a padlock attached for each worker assigned to the maintenance, as upon completion of the work that individual can remove their padlock from the cable lockout. This effectively signs them off from the work, and they can be accounted for before the energy source is switched on again after the removal of all padlocks.

The cable used in cable lockout products is designed to be extremely sturdy and hold energy sources securely in place. Correct cable lockout installations should prevent energy sources from being turned on at all, and it should be impossible for anyone to turn it on thanks to the lockout procedure.

Cable lockouts are available in various different sizes, shapes and lengths. This means they’re ideally suited for a large selection of different applications, and are in particular ideally suited for those who need to lock off more than one energy source at the same time.

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