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Prevent Access To Gas Cylinders With Gas Cylinder Lockouts

These adjustable lockout devices are used to lockdown cylinders containing dangerous materials, thus preventing unauthorised use.

For cylinders, the governing body behind lockout/tagout procedures says ‘The contents of a compressed gas cylinder represent both pneumatic and, in the case of flammable gases, potential thermal energy.’ This means they are eligible for lockout because they are an energy source, and should be treated as dangerous unless locked out.

Examples of these lockouts in use include applying to gas canisters. By attaching a padlocked lockout device to the top of a canister, only authorised users with the key to the padlock can actually use the gas in the canister. Not only does this prevent accidents, but is also a significant deterrent to thieves who will not be able to access the canister.  For enhanced safety, lockout kits are available with clearly labelled ‘full and ‘empty’ markings, allowing you to identify which canisters still contain something and which are empty. For empty canisters it is still good practice to lock them off, just in case there’s some dangerous residue left over.

We also stock a gate valve lockout, which is used to lockout propane cylinders on forklift trucks. This device can be easily applied to canisters, padlocked securely with up to two padlocks and contains a stem hole with a diameter of 29mm for easy fitting onto tanks.

If you need specific styles of lockout, you can also contact us directly to talk about your customized cylinder lockout needs.  

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