Superior-Grade Lockout Padlocks & Security Padlocks

Lockout padlocks provide the means to secure lockout devices firmly in place, preventing their removal during maintenance procedures.

Best practice when enforcing lockout is to assign responsible team members, each of whom are assigned a padlock. This team member then attaches their lock to the isolation point (the energy source), secures it in place and is then the person responsible for removing their padlock after maintenance has been carried out and all team members are accounted for.

Our padlocks are available in multiple variations. Many are completely customisable, allowing you to attach your company logo, information and own colour decisions (available on bulk orders).

Lockout padlocks come in various shapes, sizes and types. Examples include padlocks with longer shackles, nylon padlocks that are designed not to conduct electricity and Master Key, Keyed Alike and Keyed Differently padlocks.

But what do these three titles mean?

To help you decide what type of padlock you want, we've broken down the locks into what their body is made from. You should always choose the right padlock for your application; for example, a nylon padlock won't conduct electricity and is suitable for electrical lockouts, whereas a heavy-duty steel padlock might be better for outdoor security applications.

Our padlocks are made to the highest standards and are designed to resist forced removal. Master Lock's range of products in particular are exceptionally robust and reliable with industry-leading protection against cutting, sawing, picking, prying and other attempts to remove the lock without authorisation.

You can find out more information about lockout padlocks in our Padlock Guide. If you're unsure which padlocks are right for your needs, just get in touch and our expert staff will help you find the right padlocks for your application.

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