Pneumatic Lockouts

Lockout Pneumatic Energy Sources

These devices are an effective means of locking out pneumatic energy sources without the need to use in-line lockout valves, widely known for being difficult to use.

One of our lockout kits is designed to house male air hose connectors as well as 110V, 220V and 550V plugs, isolating them within a large, red box which can be clipped together and secured by use of up to four individual padlocks. These are available in both small and large sizes.

Other devices in store are our pneumatic lockouts, which are made from solid stainless sheets. These devices are designed to clip around the male fitting of a pneumatic energy source, and effectively stop the fitting from being connected to a pressurized air source until the attached padlock is removed.

Under the rules of OSHA, which governs over the process of lockout/tagout, it is important to lockout any energy source to prevent accidents when carrying out work, and pneumatic machinery comes under the standards set by this regulatory body.

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