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Get The Message Out With Security Books And Safety Posters

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  1. Remind your workers about the importance of lockout/tagout procedures with this useful poster.

  2. A simple visual reminder with cartoon graphic of the importance of lockout/tagout.

  3. A simple reminder of what can go wrong when lockout/tagout isn’t used. 

  4. A Lock and A Key Poster

    A Lock and A Key Poster

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    Simple cartoon graphic that reminds staff that lockout procedures keep them safe. 

  5. Permit Holder

    Permit Holder

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    A simple document holder for showcasing the permits of lockout/tagout in your workplace. Should be placed where clearly visible to adhere to OSHA requirements.

  6. Lockout Training Booklet

    Lockout Training Booklet

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    A simple, easy-to-follow guide that should be distributed amongst staff in order to ensure they follow lockout/tagout procedures.

  7. Danger Lockout Safety Poster

    Danger Lockout Safety Poster

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    This poster contains a large amount of information about lockout procedures and helpful reminders for staff while LOTO is going on.

  8. A reminder that not following LOTO procedures can lead to extremely nasty accidents.

  9. Simple infographic poster with easy to follow instructions. Helps remind staff of the importance and correct procedures of LOTO.

  10. A simple reminder goes a long way – keep your employees informed about avoiding accidents when carrying out maintenance.

  11. High quality laminated lockout tags with message 'DO NOT OPERATE'. Measures 146 x 80mm and includes 12 tags per pack.

  12. Lockout Log Book Registers A B

    Lockout Log Book Registers (A+B)

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    These booklets make sure that lockout/tagout procedures are clearly recorded.

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As part of the regulations of OSHA it is important that all staff are educated on LOTO procedures and realise the dangers of not following them.

This selection of signs are used as a part of this training, and should be positioned around your working environment as constant reminders that lockout-tagout is being enforced and that staff should pay attention to it at all times.