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Premium Valve Lockout Kit

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Premium Valve Lockout Kit

This pack contains everything you need to effectively lock out gate, ball, butterfly and larger valves. 

In total this kit comes with 23 separate types of equipment, and is a must buy for anyone who regularly completes maintenance on valves. The  devices supplied are extremely sturdy, will fully lockdown most valves and can’t be forced from the valve without the use of heavy tools or the correct keys for attached padlocks.

Everything you receive in this bundle comes in a handy bag which can easily fit all of the equipment inside it. The premium valve lockout kit also comes with a selection of useful accessories such as tagout tags/ties and a writing pen.

List of Lockout Types In Kit:

  • 1 x gate valve (diameter 165 to 254mm)
  • 1 x gate valve (diameter 254 to 355mm)
  •  1 x adjustable gate valve 
  • 1 x ball valve with extended lever
  • 1 x large size ball valve
  • 1 x universal butterfly valve
  • 1 set of settable ball valve 
  • 1 x large additional lockout arm
  • 1 x UVL with 2 metre galvanized steel cable with loop
  • 2 x MMCL with 2.5 metre stainless steel cable
  • 1 x small vinyl coated hasp
  • 2 x premier vinyl coated hasp
  • 1 x scorpio two way hasp
  • 1 x stainless steel hasp
  • 1 x large plug cover


Also Comes With:

  • 2 sets of long shackle padlocks
  • 20 x lockout tags
  • 20 x lockout ties
  • 1 x writing pen
  • 1 x lockout booklet
  • 1 x valve lockout bag
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