Adjustable Valve Lockouts (5 Products)

Precision Valve Security With Ball Valve Lockouts

When more precise locking or closing of valves is needed, a settable ball valve lockout allows you to securely fasten a valve in the position you need, whether this be in the on position or fully locked out in the off position.

The device has been designed to allow you lock out quarter-turn valves and are suitable for use on round, square and flat valves of various sizes and lengths.

For creating effective lockouts, these devices are widely used because they’re tougher than conventional ball valve lockouts, and give users the extra flexibility to lock down 2, 3,4 or 5 way valves by the introduction of a second arm that is sold separately.

These settable ball valve lockouts are suitable in a wide variety of applications, mainly due to the lockout device being constructed of highly durable nylon and stainless steel. This means they can be comfortably used on areas such as pipelines, or on valves operating gas, oils, liquids, air pressure and others. The lockout device is also resistant to corrosion, meaning it can be used comfortably in industrial-grade environments.

If you need to hold a valve in place in an exact location, these devices also allow you to do that. By using a lockout device you can securely fasten a valve in a throttle or ‘on’ position continuously. As these devices are settable, you can use them effectively to position ball valves however you want, enabling both total lockout and hands-free ‘on’ operation.

We stock settable ball valves in both small and large sizes, each of which is available with additional arm for extra security. Also make sure you buy yourself padlocks to secure the settable ball valve lockout securely to the valve you’re working with. 

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