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Ball Valve Lockdown

By clamping one of these lockout devices over a ball valve, the lever of the valve is securely locked in place, preventing operation.

The ball valve lockout works by firstly placing the body of the lockout device over the lever.  The lever (or handle, if you prefer) should sit comfortably inside the ball valve lockout, before the user then slides down another section of the lockout over the handle to secure it firmly in place. Padlocks should then be added directly to the ball valve lockout, and it should be clearly tagged. You’ve then completed a lockout/tagout procedure on a ball valve and the energy source (the valve itself) is completely locked down and operation is impossible.

We stock a selection of different LOTO devices. The smaller version is suitable for use on both closed and open valves, while its larger big brother can only be used in situations where the ball valve is closed.

Each ball valve lockout can generally work on most international valves, and we stock a range of devices suitable for use on small, medium and larger valves. Our larger valves go up to diameters of 8”, while the smallest can operate on bell vales at just 3/8”.

The valve covers are also designed to be entirely finger friendly, meaning you can operate them without fear of being cut on sharp edges. Our ball valve lockouts are also resistant to damage from cracking and abrasion, and are suitable for use in outdoor conditions. 

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