Universal Valve Lockouts

Universally Compatible Valve Lockouts

These valve lockouts are designed to be used on various different forms of valve, negating the need to own individual lockout kits for each purpose.

The device itself ­is specially designed to accommodate for gate, ball and butterfly valves, and can be used to effectively lock out any of these three types.

To lock out a gate valve, the universal lockout works with a section of galvanised cable to lockdown the turnable valve.  By feeding the cable through the clamp and around a pipe before fully applying the padlocked clamp, the valve will not be able to be turned until the device is removed.

For ball valves, the universal lockout kit allows you to add small and large ‘arms’ to the body of the device, effectively allowing you to lockout 3, 4 and 5 way valves as well. 

The universal lockout can also be used to lock out butterfly valves. Upon installation, the kit will effectively stop potential users from being able to squeeze the trigger handle, and also stops the handle from being repositioned.

These kits are also suitable for large levers, T-handles and other hard to secure mechanical devices. Each lockout device is made from highly durable stainless steel and nylon and are exceptionally easy to install.

Please note: The cable and arms for these universal lockout kits are not supplied as standard, so if you do need any additional items be sure to order them separately. 

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