About Hasps

For lockout procedures, the hasp is one of the most important items you can purchase.

Lockout hasps allow multiple padlocks to be applied to them, essentially allowing an energy source to be isolated by more than one person.  By completing this process, users ensure that the energy source is fully locked out, and can’t possibly be operated until each person working on the job unlocks their padlock from the hasp.

The idea behind lockout/tagout (LOTO) is to lock out an energy source, or isolate it. Hasps allow you to do this by clipping on to various different areas, preventing anyone from turning on the machinery by ensuring it can’t be switched on (lock out), and tagging it visually (tag out). In order to use a hasp effectively, users should attach their padlocks as outlined above, before clearly tagging the hasp as well with a date and who actually initiated the lockout procedure.

Governing bodies such as OSHA have sets of regulations that require organisations to ensure they are using lockout/tagout procedures. Devices such as hasps are a good step towards ensuring you adhere towards these regulations and don’t get into trouble for potentially fatal accidents in the workplace.

We stock various different hasps of different sizes, allowing you to effectively isolate any energy source you need to.

Padlocks applied to the hasp can be colour-coded depending on which engineer has the key for extra safety.