Hasps with Integrated Tags

About Lockout Hasps With Integrated Tags

These hasps combine together lockout/tagout procedures by allowing you to lockout an energy source using the hasp, and also make any relevant tagged notes thanks to the inclusion of easily attachable tags.

Each hasp comes with a set of spare labels, meaning that these hasps can be used multiple times and on a variety of different applications. The tags that can be applied to the hasp are able to be fully customized, and allow you to add such fields as the name of the person who initiated the lockout procedure and the date the lockout procedure was put into place.

Each hasp is made of powder coated aluminium and is sturdy enough to effectively lock down an energy source with ease.  There are spaces on each hasp for many individual padlocks, allowing multiple individuals to work on the same job while knowing someone might not accidentally turn on the energy source and potentially injure or kill those working on or within applications.

Under the laws of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American employers are required to use lockout/tagout products where appropriate, and develop a programme around those products designed to enforce safety within the workplace.

These hasps allow users to adhere to the rules of the OSHA governing body because they are both lockout and tagout products in one.  Countless accidents happen every year because people don’t follow the OSHA guidelines – make sure you do by locking out your applications using hasps just like these.

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