Circuit Breaker Lockouts

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Prevent Electrical Accidents Using Lockout

By locking out circuit breakers, you are ensuring that the accidental start-up of equipment can’t take place, thus preventing accidents in the workplace. This means you can adhere to the rules of governing body OSHA, which states that all energy sources should be turned off and locked out to prevent accidents when repair and service is taking place.

All devices we sell adhere to the regulations of OSHA, and can be used to isolate circuit breakers so it is physically impossible for the breaker to be operated without removal of the lockout.  This means that the flow of electricity around a circuit can be effectively controlled, thus protecting those carrying out maintenance from being assaulted with electrical shocks.

Since circuit breakers come in many different forms and sizes, we stock a large selection of different circuit breaker lockout devices that can be used to ensure your organisation follows the correct lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures that you should be.

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