Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Standard, Universal and Large Circuit Breaker Lockout Equipment

Circuit breakers are a common sight in countless working environments. Responsible for activation and deactivation of a wide variety of different types of electrical equipment, an activated circuit breaker can be responsible for suddenly activating potentially dangerous machinery.

Employers, under law, are required to ensure that their employees are safe during maintenance procedures from dangerous machinery and sudden reactivation. By using a lockout procedure, employees can completely lock out access to a circuit breaker, secure using a padlock and siphon off any excess energy to ensure they can work safely without risk of dangerous machinery suddenly coming back online.

Our range of circuit breaker lockouts is available in standard, universal and large sizes to cater for all types of breaker ranging from MCBs to large-size power breakers. They're extremely easy to install, practically impossible to remove and simply require you to attach a padlock (sold separately and also available in store) to make a secure, safe and effective lockout procedure.

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