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Electric Plug Locks And Plug Lockout Devices

Lockout Plugs and Pendants With These Devices

These items are an effective method of isolating electrical energy from flowing stems directly from the wall outlet, and more specifically, the plug itself.

By applying lockout devices to plug sockets, this effectively locks out the plug from being used and powering up machinery that could cause accidents in the workplace. Imagine, for example, a plug was just lying around. Someone not involved with the process of maintenance could pick up that plug, and plug it in. In comparison, plugs held inside lockout devices are not only clearly labelled as being off limits, but are also physically impossible to be plugged in until the person who locked off the plug undoes the attached padlock.

Plug lockouts come in various different forms to accommodate for the different forms of plug on the market.

Pendant lockouts are used to cover over plug sockets and control panels such as those used on cranes.

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