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Fully Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockouts

Lock Up That Butterfly

When in operation, a butterfly valve lockout stops the compression handle from being squeezed, meaning it isn’t possible to operate the valve.

When securing the lockout, the device slides together evenly to lock into place around various different sizes of butterfly valve. The device also has staggered holes along the outside of the device, and it is recommended that to securely attach the lockout device to the butterfly valve that you apply a padlock to the hole which is as tight to the actual valve as possible. As a result you’ll have an entirely locked down butterfly valve which can’t be used until the lockout is removed.

For extra security, you can also utilise a lockout hasp, and also follow tagout procedures to ensure that the lockout/tagout on your butterfly valve adheres to all OSHA regulations and is fastened as securely as possible.

The butterfly valve lockout device we sell is designed to be adjustable to different applications, and is universal for use across most bell valves. The device is made of sturdy, polypropylene plastic, is non-conductive so it won’t allow electricity to flow through it and is fully suitable for use on any butterfly valves that are in dangerous conditions or outdoors. 

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