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Universal Fuse Holder Lockout

Red Spot and Universal Fuse Holder Lockout Red

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Designed to be universally compatible with fuse holders. By using a screwdriver this device can be adjusted to fit the holder you're locking out.

Once done, simply insert a padlock through the hole, lock and you'll completely prevent access to the fuse until maintenance is completed.

This product is suitable for fuse holders from 20A to 400A.

Key Features

  • Prevents unauthorised reactivation of a fuse holder
  • Clamps directly onto the fuse holder and is secured in place by using a screwdriver to turn the screw
  • Built-in hole for attachment of a padlock
  • One size fits all fuse holders from 20A to 400A
  • Constructed from nylon plastic with ZP metal set screw