Grand Master Keyed Lockout Padlocks

Grand Master Keyed Padlocks

Grand Master Keyed Padlocks

Grand Master Keyed padlocks are best suited to lockout applications where larger teams will be involved with the procedure. These padlock systems work on three levels:

  • The first set of keys is used to open an individual padlock and will only work with that specific lock
  • The second set of keys are made for opening a selection of the individual padlocks, but will not open them all
  • The third key is the Master Key and can be used to open any padlock in the set

Why Do I Need Lockout Padlocks?

Any organisation, particularly those in industrial or dangerous environments, must have a procedure in place that protects their employees from harm when carrying out maintenance. Not doing so is both extremely hazardous to the health of employees and is also in direct breach of several regulatory bodies regulations, including OSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Association). Not having these procedures in place can lead to injury to employees, fines for the company and creates a dangerous environment for all within the area.

Lockout procedures are commonly employed as a method of preventing injury during maintenance. Lockout, at its most basic level, is identifying and preventing access to energy sources, ensuring that energy can't be supplied to machinery/equipment while people are working on, inside or around it. This is accomplished by inserting a specifically-designed lockout device onto the energy source. This device must stop the energy source from being turned, switched on or powered in any way and must be secured in place using lockout padlocks.

When working with a larger team it is common practice to assign an individual padlock to a team member and have them attach it to the lockout device. This ensures that this team member is always accounted for - they should only remove their lockout padlock once their work is done and the person in charge of the procedure must then ensure that all team members are safely away from machinery before the lockout is ended.

By using our range of Grand Master lockout padlocks you can assign multiple levels of responsibility in your lockout team, with one person in charge of the whole operation.

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