Master Key Padlocks

Master Keyed Padlocks

Using Master Key Padlocks to Create a Lockout Programme

Maintenance is a part of any organisation's work and it's your responsibility at all times to ensure that those carrying out maintenance are protected at all times.  Lockout procedures are commonly used to ensure that power supplied to machinery and equipment is completely shut-off before maintenance takes place; this prevents accidents in the workplace and also isolates the energy source so that it can't be switched on until the lockout is removed.

Lockout padlocks are used to isolate energy sources. They're attached directly to a lockout device that's secured on the energy source and once sealed, the lockout procedure prevents access to the source during maintenance. These padlocks come in various different forms and master key padlocks are one of the most flexible solutions for creating an effective lockout programme for your place of work.

Here's what you need to know about master key padlocks:

  • Each padlock comes with ONE key that specifically opens that padlock. The other locks in the set will not open this padlock
  • Master Key Padlocks are supplied with one Master Key that is able to open all locks in the set. This key should be assigned to the person in charge of the lockout programme

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