Keyed Different Padlocks

Keyed Different Padlocks

Why are Lockout Padlocks Used?

When performing LOTO (lockout/tagout) procedures, it is important to securely fasten the lockout device in place by utilising padlocks. This ensures that you adhere to the various regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), which requires employers to enforce, follow and practice lockout/tagout procedures to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.

The padlocks used in LOTO are specially reinforced to make them extra durable, making it practically impossible to remove the padlock from a lockout device without using some serious heavy-grade machinery.  When carrying out the procedure of maintenance, the energy source in question is locked down by use of an appropriate lockout device (using the correct one is part of the OSHA regulations), and then each individual working on the job is recommended to secure their own individual padlock to the lockout device. This means that each individual is represented by their attached padlock, and the lockout device can only be removed by someone with the key to that padlock (which is recommended to the be the individual who attached it in the first place).

Keyed Different Padlocks

For extra security, many individuals carrying out lockout/tagout procedures employ the use of keyed different padlocks. These particular locks are different from other types of padlock such as keyed alike, as they can only be opened by a single key that is unique to that padlock. Spare keys are available for each keyed different padlock, but it is impossible to open other keyed different padlocks without that particular key. By using these forms of lock, those working on the job cannot remove each other's locks from the lockout device, thus ensuring extra safety is employed during the lockout/tagout procedure.

The keyed different padlock is generally much safer than keyed alike because it could be possible when using keyed alike padlocks that one individual removes all of the padlocks attached to a lockout device. This could lead to the locked out energy source being switched back on, which in turn could lead to another individual still working on the job being injured or even killed.

We also sell a range of keyed different padlocks which come with a master key that can open all locks as well as individual keys.

Why Should I Choose Key Different Lockout Padlocks?

Here's what you need to know about keyed different lockout padlocks:

  • The locks can only be opened using ONE key that is uniquely designed for that lock
  • They're most suited to applications where you wish to assign each team member an individual lock
  • Ideal where extra security is important and you plan to use lockout devices that include space for multiple locks
  • Best suited for when larger teams are involved in the lockout procedure and will take responsibility for their own equipment
  • Available in bulk orders
  • Locks are practically impossible to remove unless dedicated tools are used

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