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  1. An Introduction to Lockout/Tagout

    Many industrial accidents caused across the globe are due to the sudden start-up of machines, equipment or by the uncontrolled release of energy. Many of these accidents can be prevented by the use of proper Lockout/Tagout procedures. Continue reading →
  2. When to Use Lockout, and When to Use Tagout

    Under the rules and regulations of lockout/tagout which is governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, they outline exactly when lockout and tagout should be utilised, and it is the legal responsibility of the employer to ensure they follow the rules and regulations that are outlined. Continue reading →
  3. Lockout: Stored Energy

    Although we generally tend to think of energy being constantly supplied via outlets and in turn think that energy can be switched off using a switch or similar device, there are many instances when stored energy is also used to power a piece of machinery, particularly in the event of the regular continuous power source ceasing operation. Continue reading →
  4. Machinery Fire Gains Massive Lockout Fines

    A laminate fabric manufacturer based in New Haven USA is facing severe penalties for not adhering correctly to lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures. Continue reading →
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